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September 19, 2012
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"I don't understand it." Rebecca muttered to herself. "What was he talking about?" Rebecca had left the clearing where she had encountered the vampires. There was nothing left there. She had tried searching for the bullet that had killed Ryan, but no such luck. Whoever had killed him clearly didn't want him telling Rebecca something…which made Rebecca believe that Ryan was telling the truth. There was a threat…and it all seemed to center around this "S" character. "But, who is S?" Rebecca whispered.
As Rebecca walked, she felt the night embrace her with a chilled wind…it comforted her and made her feel refreshed. Her fatigue was gone and her mind was clearing. She always found it easier to think when the night was young. Then, that reminded her…
"What's a Night Angel?" Rebecca asked out loud. The vampire, Ryan had called her the Night Angel…what did that mean? However, that wasn't the biggest question on her mind.
"What do I do now?"


"Good timing, Dad." Rebecca muttered. She went to her phone and yanked it out. She placed it to her ear and tried to sound normal.
"Rebecca, sweetheart…are you okay?"
"Dad, I'm fine." Rebecca said calmly. "Just…ran into a little trouble."
"What happened?" Rebecca considered lying and keeping the truth to herself…but if she ever felt like she needed her dad for something….it was now.
"Dad, I ran into a trio of vampires."
"You what?! Are you alright?" Rebecca groaned.
"I'm fine dad…they're dead." Rebecca inhaled deeply and continued. "One of them told me some disturbing information. He said that there was going to be an all-out attack on us humans. He told me this right before he was executed by someone…or something."
"…Rebecca, are you sure that he wasn't just trying to deceive you? I wouldn't be very quick to trust the word of a vampire."
"He had no reason to lie Dad…he told me all this while he was breathing his last breath." There was a long pause from the other end of the receiver. "He…he called me something too."
"He did?"
"He called me…the Night Angel…do you know what that means?" There was another pause. This time though, there was an uncomfortable feeling…it was like she could feel the tension building in her dad. "Dad, do you know what it means?"
"…You need to come home right away, Rebecca." Rebecca felt fear build within her. It couldn't be possible! Jonah Anderson…her father…sounded scared! Nothing ever scared her dad…nothing! But there was no mistaking the fear in his voice.
"Dad, what's going on? Do you believe what that vampire said?"
"I don't want to believe it, Rebecca," he said, "but based upon the evidence I've been gathering and certain events…I am afraid I have no choice but to believe that what he said is the truth."
"Dad, what was he talking about? I'm so confused right now…you have to tell me, please!" Rebecca cried into the phone.
"Come home, I'll try to make everything clear." The phone turned off. Rebecca quickly shoved the phone back into her pocket and made a dash for the exit to the forest. It took her only 5 minutes to get clear of the trees and find her motorcycle. She leaped on and gunned the engine. Normally, the night air and the feel of the motorcycle under her would make her feel comforted and alive, but the way things were now…after the way she had heard her father talk to her…she knew that something was very wrong. She had to get home, immediately. She took off into the night, ignoring speed limits. She couldn't help but feel a sense of dread…a feeling of danger. There was a threat that she didn't recognize, and that made her worried.
Rebecca has spent years learning the secrets of the monsters that haunt the night. She could tell you the strengths, weaknesses, and the location of just about any monster that had ever existed…and she had a method for dealing with each. However…this was a threat that had been able to terrify three vampires into silence and rebellion. What kind of creature or danger could frighten an apex predator like a vampire?
"S." Rebecca muttered. "What the hell are you?"

Rebecca made it home in just 20 minutes and the sight of her house made her feel happy…but not comforted. The fact that her house was still standing and was still in once piece meant that the threat hadn't reached the house yet…but it didn't mean the threat wasn't real. Whatever had killed the vampire, Ryan was still out there…and it new that Rebecca had heard too much. There was no doubt that it would do what it could to silence her…or end her. With this thought fresh on her mind, Rebecca brought her motorcycle to a halt in the garage and ran for the door.
"Dad?!" She cried as she burst through the doors. She saw her dad instantly, standing near the door, waiting for her. There was genuine concern in his eyes.
"Rebecca, thank God you're alright." He stepped forward and embraced Rebecca warmly. "Listen, we don't have much time."
"What are you talking about, Dad? What's going on?" Rebecca demanded. Her father didn't hesitate. He released Rebecca and quickly moved through the house, pulling things off the walls and grabbing different items of value.
"I haven't got long, sweetie…and there's so much you need to know…I don't even know where to start." He said quickly. Fear gripped Rebecca like a clawing hand.
"Who is S?" Rebecca asked.
"I don't know." Her dad answered. He had grabbed a suitcase and was filling it with clothes. "All I know is this…if this S character can spook a vampire, then it certainly spooks me."
"Dad, are you going somewhere?" Rebecca asked. Jonah Anderson stopped packing and sighed. He turned to face Rebecca with a very sad and scared look on his face.
"This vampire called you the Night Angel…correct?" Rebecca nodded.
"What does it mean?" Jonah Anderson turned and sat down on his bed, next to the suitcase. He motioned for Rebecca to sit next to him. She ran forward and hugged her father instead, he hugged back, but then set her next to him.

"How old was this vampire that called you a Night Angel?"
"He…he was pretty young. He didn't look that old." Rebecca admitted. She hadn't really thought about it, but the vampires had looked about her age. Vampires age much slower than a normal human…so at the oldest, they were probably in their 50's or 60's…yet that didn't seem right either. They were too inexperienced and juvenile in attitude…they must have been fledgling vampires. They were probably just as old as they looked…around they're early 20's.
"Then it doesn't make since that he would call you a Night Angel."
"Dad, what is a Night Angel?!" Rebecca cried.
"Listen to me, Rebecca!" Rebecca locked eyes with her dad. "You need to understand that-"


Rebecca and her dad both looked up at the sound of the noise. It sounded like one of the windows had broken. Rebecca's father leaped to his feet and grabbed the suitcase. He took Rebecca's hand and dragged her to a room on the other side of the house.
"Sweetheart, I have to leave." he said quickly.
"Dad, what's happening? What's going on?"
"I don't have time to explain." He ran for the door, but Rebecca grabbed his arm angrily.
"Dad, don't go! Please..." Jonah Anderson never cried...never. The only time Rebecca had ever seen the man tear up was when her mother had been killed. But now, his eyes were building up with salty tears.
" know I love you more than life itself?" he asked. Rebecca nodded choking up. "Do you trust me, sweetie?"
"Yes sir...I trust you." He rushed forward and hugged Rebecca tightly.
"I promise you that I won't be gone for too long. I need to find some answers...and I won't rest until I get them, and I'm back here."
"I should go with you." Rebecca cried, trying to fight back her own tears.
"No, baby." He said warmly. "If what you've told me is true...then you're needed here. You're the only one who can prevent what's about to happen."
"I can't do it without you!" Rebecca screamed. There was another crashing...more glass was shattered. Rebecca wouldn't let go of her dad.
"You must, have're the Night Angel."
"I still don't understand what that means!" Rebecca cried. "You have to tell me! You have to explain everything, just like you always would...please, daddy."
"Later, I promise you." He finally pulled away from Rebecca and stepped back. Rebecca could hear noises from the far end of the house. Someone...or something...was trying to get in. "I promise that I will explain everything real soon...but you have to trust me." Rebecca hesitated. The thought of losing her father was strong, and it haunted her greatly. She feared the thought of never seeing his smiling face again. However, she also knew that he would keep his promise...Jonah Anderson was a man who kept his word. Rebecca nodded, but the tears still flowed from her eyes.
"Bye, dad." He blew her a kiss and then ran out the door. Soon, the house was quiet...other than the sound of the intruders trying to break into the house. Rebecca's sadness and confusion suddenly turned to anger. She recognized the noises...they were groans and moans...very familiar ones.
"Zombies." Rebecca growled. However, there was something...wrong. Zombies don't pick targets...they act as a swarm that destroys everything in sight. Zombies do not think or plan. They is their only function and purpose. She reminded herself. So why were they so intent on attacking her house? "Unless they're being directed here." Rebecca realized.
"S." Rebecca snarled. That name sounded so sickening. The simple name inspired such anger and fury within was what took her father away and it was what was tearing her family doubt it was the name that had lead the vampires to revolt and what directed the zombies to her home..."...S..." Rebecca climbed to her feet and walked to the den. When she got there, she saw that two windows had been broken, and there was a small army of zombies trying to push their way through...groaning and decaying.
She reached into her holster and removed her pistol. From the mantel piece she grabbed a back up pistol, holding one in each hand. She stepped out in front of the windows and pointed both pistols out into the small horde.
"My name is Rebecca might call me the Night Angel." She shouted. The zombies didn't hear her...they didn't care about words or speeches, all they cared about was consuming and devouring...but she wasn't talking to the zombies...she was talking to the mysterious name that was causing her suffering. "...You've torn my family apart...and now I'm coming for you."
In that instant...a brief feeling came over Rebecca. A slight breeze blew by and through her. It felt like an the night itself was holding her...encouraging her. It was all she needed...she felt alive again. Alive...but still hurt. Like a part of her was taken and stripped away.
The Night Angel opened fire, as tears trickled down her cheeks.
This is chapter 5...I'm pretty sure this is the longest chapter yet. It took me a while to get it done. I really hope that you like it. In this chapter, things start to get interesting and mysterious. A new threat is identified and a strange mystery is unearthed. What is in store for Rebecca?

You might have noticed that I've been uploading a lot of these chapters recently. The reason is because I have been working very hard to make this story come out isn't easy. This is one of my hardest stories so far. I hope that it has all been worth while.

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juju712 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Oh and the mystery thickens!
I really like this story!
Yuna-Lesca Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist
This is one of the best chapters so far!
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   Writer
Wow, you really think so? Why is that?
Yuna-Lesca Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist
Yes...because....hmmm, it becomes so interesting and mysterious.
It creates suspense.
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   Writer
I see. Well, thank you so much for saying so. That means a great deal to me.
Yuna-Lesca Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist
Really? Well, itīs no problem at all!
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   Writer
It really does mean a lot because...well...I'm kind of having trouble with this story. There are some things that are making it hard to write.
Yuna-Lesca Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist
Oh...which things?
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   Writer
Well, for starters:
1.) Writing from the point of view of a female lead character is a little bit more difficult than I anticipated. It's writing from a different character vantage point.
2.) I'm breaking a few monster rules with this story. Many monster movies and stories don't have different kinds of monsters meeting each other...not only this, but I'm breaking as many of the 8 zombie cliches as I can.
3.) It's a very complex of the darkest and most complex I've ever done...making it a little bit more difficult to put together.

Does that make sense?
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Shyanne-Kai Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
:,( This chapter is pretty intense.
I do how one gripe though - and you may have already explained this - but, I'm a bit confused about her father's role. Was he once Rebecca's mentor? Has he always known about these creatures and trained his daughter how to deal with them? Has he always done lots of research about these monsters? Normally I don't mind trickles of information about people, but I'm a little frustrated by her father - unless that was the intent?
Other than that, I really like the revelations that are coming to light, and the mystery behind 'S'.
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