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September 17, 2012
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Rebecca clenched up her body, ready to feel the cold hands of the monster clutch her. She shut her eyes tightly and…

"Aaaaah!" Rebecca's eyes burst open. She hadn't screamed…but that was definitely a scream. Rebecca spun to look, and saw that the vampires weren't looking at her…in fact, they were looking the other way. The one they called Mike was dragging a girl by the wrist. She was screaming, her black hair was a mess and her shirt was torn at certain places. Rebecca couldn't make out all of her features with this lack of light…but she knew that this girl was close to her age. Who was she?
"Did you really think we wouldn't find you, monster hunter?" Ryan snarled. Rebecca breathed out with relief; she hadn't been found out. They thought that this stranger was her. "We knew that there was a monster hunter somewhere around here, and we knew that it was a chick."
"Please…let me go!" The girl cried between sobs. "I've done nothing wrong."
"Exactly…which is why we can't afford to let you live." Rebecca felt herself tense up again as Ryan spoke. How had they known that there was a female monster hunter in this area? For that matter, what was it that they were planning that required such drastic stakes? Vampires aren't stupid and mindless killers…they're calculating and intelligent…and they know that you can't solve all your problems by killing. In fact, most vampires rarely kill at all…because they know that it would draw attention to them. Maybe these were fledgling vampires; vampires that were freshly created?
"I swear, I won't tell anyone anything!"
"You're right…you won't." Rebecca watched as Ryan took a dangerous step toward the mysterious stranger. Rebecca felt her blood run cold. "Hold her down boys…I'm going to enjoy this."

When engaging vampires, it is foolish to engage directly, because a vampire will always have the advantage in a direct fight. What is even more foolish however, is to engage a GROUP of vampires in the hopes of being victorious.
This was a rule of thumb. Rebecca knew this rule well, and she had always abided by it. However, now she knew that she would have to break this rule…she was about to be a fool. There was no way that she would abandon this girl to those monsters. Rebecca grabbed her bow and removed one silver tipped arrow. She needed to think…and think fast.

"I have the element of surprise." Rebecca thought. "If I can strike hard and fast, then maybe I can throw them off guard." Even as she thought about the genius of this plan, she knew that this was doomed for failure. This strategy was littered with holes and problems that she knew would get her killed, but what other choice did she have? Rebecca answered that question by notching the arrow to her bow string.
Rebecca stood up straight standing over the briar patch. The vampires were too busy staring at the girl to notice Rebecca. That girl was no monster hunter…and these three were going to find out the hard way. Rebecca pulled back on the string and, in that instant, Rebecca became an angel of death. Her aim was true and her hand was steady…she didn't think, she knew she would make this shot!
"In the name of the father…the son…and the holy ghost…"
Rebecca released the string.

Zombies and vampires are both considered undead creatures, but they are very different…even in the way that they die. For example…a zombie can only die if their head is destroyed. A vampire, on the other hand, could easily survive a common head wound. For this reason, Rebecca always laces her weapons with silver or blessed steel. Sometimes she'll even dip her knives in garlic. This way, she can always be sure to kill her prey. So, when Rebecca's arrow pierced the vampire, BigB's heart…not only did he feel it enter, he felt unbelievable agony.

"AAARRRGGH!" He screeched. The arrow head was made of silver, and Rebecca had consecrated it before firing…a double dose of death to a vampire. The area around the entry wound began to burn and to turn black. His comrades watched in horror as BigB's entire body began to burn away and ignite, like an ash in the flame. Soon, there was nothing left but the echo of the vampires scream and the smell of burned flesh. Rebecca didn't have time to draw another arrow. By the time she had it drawn, the other two vampires would have already responded and moved on the attack. Rebecca tossed her bow the ground and quickly grabbed her knife, jerking it from its sheath.
"What the hell?!" Ryan roared. "Another monster hunting bitch?!"
"No," Rebecca shouted, "just one!" Rebecca burst from her hiding place and charged the two vampires. Ryan was the first to respond, leaping away from Rebecca and dodging to the side. Mike, who had been holding down the struggling girl, couldn't evade Rebecca in time. Rebecca proceeded to ram the end of her blade deep into the shoulder of Mikes body….and then came the agony.
"GAAAH!" Mike screamed, throwing Rebecca away from him with one hand. Rebecca flew backwards and landed away from Mike, who was now clutching his shoulder in pain. The area around the wound was burning away and smoking…but it wouldn't kill him. She hadn't punctured his heart. Mike snarled dangerously, trying to climb to his feet. Rebecca had just lost the element of surprise…she could only play defensive now.

"So, you're the monster huntress we were warned about?" Ryan snapped. In the light and the lack of shadows, Rebecca could see that Ryan was about her age with dark brown hair and red eyes. He was very pale and his lips were red. His fangs were bared and he had on typical school style clothing.
"I'm gonna kill her!" Mike screamed.
"No…leave her to me." Ryan snapped back, baring his fangs. "You take care of that girl." Mike gave a pained snarl back to Ryan.
"She STABBED me!" He cried.
"I'll do worse to you if you don't do as I say! We can't leave any witnesses…and that girl has seen too much. Take care of her!" Rebecca acted fast and ran to Mike. Mike saw this and leaped away from her knife, scared of another strike. Rebecca fell back just as he leaped.
"RUN GIRL!" Rebecca screamed! The girl didn't need telling twice. She leaped up and took off like a shot into the dark forest. Ryan was fuming.
"Hunt that bitch down like the dog she is!" he snapped. Mike started to give chase…but Rebecca had moved yet again. Mike let out a roar as her knife buried itself in his chest. This time…Mikes heart had been struck. There was the familiar smell of burning flesh…the agonizing scream…and then nothing.

"You and me now, hot shot." Rebecca shouted. Ryan was staring back at her. Rebecca couldn't tell if he looked amused or furious.
"Impressive." He sneered. "But nothing's changed." Rebecca's heart was racing. Even one on one, taking a vampire is a very dangerous situation. Her only hope was for him to let down his guard long enough. If she could come up with an attack plan, maybe she could come out of this in one piece. Options and ideas began floating through her mind; each one more stupid than the last. Her best bet was to stall for time.
"I beg to differ…you're out two goons." Rebecca countered. Ryan gave a laugh.
"You think they mattered? They were just pawns." He then began to pace, as if he was deep in thought, but his eyes never moved from Rebecca. "I don't think you realize just how big a mistake you made." Rebecca shook her head.
"I overheard your little conversation…you were planning something, and I'm stopping it here and now before innocent people get hurt." Suddenly, Ryan's face went rigged.
"You know nothing about my plan."
"I know enough. You're violent and blood thirsty even by vampire standards…you're planning some kind of attack on humans." Rebecca shot in. Ryan gave her a dangerous look…but it wasn't threatening. It was…fear? Anger?
"No, you're wrong…I'm not trying to attack the humans." Ryan interjected fiercely. "I'm trying to save them!"

Whatever Rebecca had expected to hear, that wasn't it. Rebecca didn't let down her guard…vampires were shrewd and this could all be a ruse to try and make her hesitate…but the look on Ryan's face looked so sincere! He didn't seem to be lying. But what was he planning? He took a step forward, making Rebecca tighten her grip on the knife.
"I'm trying to stop the attack on the humans." Ryan hissed.
"What attack?" Ryan took another step forward. "What are you talking about, blood sucker?" Ryan sighed and began to curse under his breath.
"Look," Ryan growled, "there isn't much time…you have to-"


Rebecca went down on one knee and went to a pistol, holstered to her side. It was a last resort weapon, because each bullet was specially made, and she couldn't afford to waste the ammo. She drew the gun and pointed up, toward the sound of the blast. However, the only thing she saw was Ryan hit the ground.
"Hold on!" Rebecca roared. She leaped to her feet and ran to the down vampire. She knelt down by his head, and saw a large wound in his chest. It was starting to burn away…the blow had been one from a blessed object…probably a silver bullet.
"Night…Angel." He whispered painfully. Rebecca gave him a puzzled look. "That is…your name…among…our kind." He breathed. Rebecca leaned closer. He reached up and grabbed her jacket, pulling her closer to his face.
"S." He whispered. His face was starting to burn. It was fading away and turning to dust. "Stop…S…"
"Who is S?! How do I stop them?!" Rebecca cried. Ryan's head fell back and began to dissolve into dust. Soon, she was holding nothing but a pile of ash. She had no answers, but only questions.

What had she just seen? Were the three vampires really trying to save the humans? Why was she called the Night Angel? Who had killed Ryan to make sure he didn't talk? Was it S? Who was S? What kind of threat did this S pose? Was it all a hoax?
None of these questions had answer…the only thing that Rebecca knew was this:

"Things are about to get really bad."
Here is Chapter 4. I didn't think that I would get it done so soon. I started it a few days ago, and finally finished it today. I'm willing to bet that you guys didn't expect this to happen. ^_^ If you did...very well done. Haha!
Anyway, this chapter opens up a bit of mystery to it all. I hope that you all enjoy it. I beg you for feedback! :)

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juju712 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Is that surprising if I say I didn't see that coming?
Excellent way to put a new plot and suspence together!
DHBW Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013   Writer
Haha! Well, you may wanna read the rest of it to find out what happens!
gardienoflight Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student General Artist
shouldn't it be "BANG" not "pow"
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013   Writer
KatsaNovari Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012   Writer
This chapter was truly amazing. With the little cliffhanger of the previous then the action in this... wonderful. And Rebecca's personality is just so believable!

"What the hell?!" Ryan roared. "Another monster hunting bitch?!"
"No," Rebecca shouted, "just one!"

Favorite part, right there.^ Epicness!
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012   Writer
Haha! Thank you. I love that part of the story too. Haha

As for Rebecca...Lots of people were asking why I never wrote stories about female main characters. The truth was that I wasn't sure if I could display a female personality and life style correctly. I thought that it might be difficult for me....and then someone might say "Girls don't act like that."
However, I'm very proud of Rebecca. She's one of my best OC's...I wish that she were more well known among my OC's, but most people only remember Death, Joseph, and Michael....and Gabriel. Hahaha!
KatsaNovari Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012   Writer
I had the same problem with certain characters of my own, usually with what breed they are (I sometimes make animal characters xD) and then what gender they are. I didn't think I could write male characters very well but so far so good, though I still think I need improvement here and there haha. You're doing awesome with writing about Rebecca so far!
GabrielRaven Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012   Writer
Thank goodness. It took me a long time to design her...Rebecca is almost the female version of myself. I wanted to focus on making her seem realistic rather than make her a female stereotype. So to make sure that I didn't do that, I added a lot of myself to her. :)
Shyanne-Kai Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
This chapter was really well structured, you have a great piece of conflict here, before jolting the reader with the twist :heart: It's interesting that Ryan died, I half-expected him to become a kind of mentor/love interest, haha.

There was just one thing: '"Did you really think we wouldn't find you, monster hunter?" Ryan snarled. Rebecca breathed out with relief; she hadn't been found out. They thought that this stranger was her.' - Although Rebecca is relieved by them not knowing she is there, would seeing someone dragged along the floor because they think they are the monster hunter make her feel a bit guilty first?

Other than that, a revealing chapter :)
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