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So let's get a few announcements out of the way now, shall we?

1.) I want to give a special shout out to a few friends who's comments, support, and help have really pushed me through and aided in getting my work out regularly: :iconheuring: :iconvaalkaaren: :iconpostcommodore: :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: :iconlastofthewolves: and :icontheburningspirit:. You guys have been very helpful and I'm grateful for all your help.

2.) The Second Act of Tomaki's story is coming to an end soon. I know that some of you don't read that story, which is fine...but if you are a fan of that story, stay ready, because I'm gonna be releasing chapters for that story regularly so I can wrap up this Act quickly and get to the Third and final Act.

3.) I've gotten a lot of comments regarding Monster Club, I Live With A Witch, and Metamorphosis. I'm rebooting I Live With A Witch, and looking back over Monster Club to fix the errors I made. I'm going to be taking that story slowly and carefully so I can work through it. I don't wanna have to do a full reboot of all my stories...even though I clearly AM doing that for a few of them. Ugh, it's complicated. Trust me guys. I'm gonna get Monster Club back in action, just bare with me a bit longer on that.

4.) Another story I get several comments about is Raised Again, and people asking if there will be a sequel. I've thought it over...and here's my answer: No. 
I am pleased with the ending I gave it. I like the openness of the ending. Now will I ever write a story SIMILAR to it? Maybe. I don't know about that. I have enough stories on my plate right now. I don't need to add another one right now.

5.) Now there are THREE stories I've released now that I want audience opinion on. The New Hand Held Cousin, The New I Live With A Witch, and The Nighthawk. Those three stories have JUST begun and I want to know what ya'll think. Are they worth continuing and putting more effort into? Let me know what you think please!

Alright, with all that said, look forward to more work in the future!! ^^
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Cliff Corbett
Artist | Literature
United States
NAME: Cliff Corbett
AGE: 21
LOCATION: South Carolina

I love God
I love my family and friends
I like dogs
I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing (even if I'm not that good)
I like to read other peoples work
I love the martial arts
I love the military

I don't like cats very much
I am not a fan of bullies and rude people
I hate men that disrespect women
I don't like math
I don't like horror movies and stuff like it

I am a writer. I have tried drawing and...frankly...I draw horribly. However, I still believe in the power of drawing with words. I want to be a great writer, so I write short stories, poems, and a series called Death Diaries. I do hope that you all enjoy my work and that you will take the time to comment and fav as well. My goal is to improve as a writer and to make as many friends as I can along the way. If you ever want to get writing advice, ask me questions, or just wanna talk, feel free to send me a note or comment. ;) It's really wonderful to meet you all!
Welcome to my site and enjoy!

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So let's get a few announcements out of the way now, shall we?

1.) I want to give a special shout out to a few friends who's comments, support, and help have really pushed me through and aided in getting my work out regularly: :iconheuring: :iconvaalkaaren: :iconpostcommodore: :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: :iconlastofthewolves: and :icontheburningspirit:. You guys have been very helpful and I'm grateful for all your help.

2.) The Second Act of Tomaki's story is coming to an end soon. I know that some of you don't read that story, which is fine...but if you are a fan of that story, stay ready, because I'm gonna be releasing chapters for that story regularly so I can wrap up this Act quickly and get to the Third and final Act.

3.) I've gotten a lot of comments regarding Monster Club, I Live With A Witch, and Metamorphosis. I'm rebooting I Live With A Witch, and looking back over Monster Club to fix the errors I made. I'm going to be taking that story slowly and carefully so I can work through it. I don't wanna have to do a full reboot of all my stories...even though I clearly AM doing that for a few of them. Ugh, it's complicated. Trust me guys. I'm gonna get Monster Club back in action, just bare with me a bit longer on that.

4.) Another story I get several comments about is Raised Again, and people asking if there will be a sequel. I've thought it over...and here's my answer: No. 
I am pleased with the ending I gave it. I like the openness of the ending. Now will I ever write a story SIMILAR to it? Maybe. I don't know about that. I have enough stories on my plate right now. I don't need to add another one right now.

5.) Now there are THREE stories I've released now that I want audience opinion on. The New Hand Held Cousin, The New I Live With A Witch, and The Nighthawk. Those three stories have JUST begun and I want to know what ya'll think. Are they worth continuing and putting more effort into? Let me know what you think please!

Alright, with all that said, look forward to more work in the future!! ^^
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  • Reading: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski
  • Watching: Blue Bloods
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I was speechless. As I sat in the middle of the library I felt my eyes wander all over the magnificent lay out. The library was two stories tall and built to accommodate four different sections. To the far Eastern side, on the first floor, was a café like area complete with a Starbucks and a long line of printers for printing out projects. Above it, on the second floor, was a giant room full of large tables, conference rooms and glass walls. It lead to a large glass window that overlooked the entire front walk. Chairs and couches were pushed up against the walls for reclining and working in peace. There were two large pillars in the center of the room with computers surrounding them for work and recreation. Beyond them were booths and fancy cushions for sitting and working. There were vending machines in a small room just off of this area.
But it was the far western most portion of the library that most interested me. On the first and second floor of the west wing was a near endless labyrinth of book shelves filled to the brim with books of every kind. Along the walls were work desks for students to work in silence, but between every shelf was a plethora of knowledge, literature, history, and poetry! I felt almost like drooling as I ran my two right hands along the almanacs and encyclopedias. I actually felt tears build in my eyes, and I had to remove my glasses quickly to rub the salty tears away. This put the library back home to shame. I had to lean against one of the shelves just to keep from falling over. As I thought about all these books, my mind drifted back to home and Mr. Johnson’s library. I ran hand down my left pocket and felt my keys…and my fingers gently rubbed against the key Mr. Johnson had given me to his library. I smiled to myself and wondered how he’d feel if he could see all these books too! Would he be just as blown away as I was? I could only imagine so.
“Where to even start?” I whispered, wanting to keep my voice down. One of the things I loved most about libraries was the quiet and loneliness of them. Especially here, there were so few people to gawk at my arms, that I actually felt like I could be alone with my books. I plucked off a poetry book in one hand, a thesaurus in another, a dictionary in the third hand, and finally I tossed my backpack onto a couch with my fourth hand. I fell back on the couch, using two of my arms to open up the poetry book, my other two hands got to work searching my back pack for a notebook. I wanted to jot down any ideas I could. I needed more inspiration for my poetry. After I had all I needed, I leaned back in the couch and closed my eyes. One of my right hands dug into my pocket searching for my iPod. After finding it, I pulled it out and switched to relaxing piano music. Music often helped in the writing process. After plugging in my headphones and losing myself to the sound, I glanced down at the paper and began to write.

“Hmmm…And would the stars of Heaven not weep,….no no that’s not right…” I spoke gently, erasing the line I’d written. I’d already gotten halfway through a new poem and I found myself yawning. I checked my watch and squeaked in surprise.
“Already 2 o’clock?” I gasped. “I need to hurry!” I had one more class today at 2:15, and I had to hurry to get to class, otherwise I’d be late on my first day, and that’d be a horrible first impression! I threw the books I’d borrowed back onto the shelves unceremoniously and I grabbed my backpack up quickly, dashing towards the stairs to get downstairs. As I hurried, I could sense eyes following me, my arms working to get my pack on. I didn’t have time to think about them though. If my schedule was right, my class was on the other side of the campus. I needed to run fast! As soon as I got out the library door, I hit the ground running, darting quickly between strolling students and trying hard to keep to the path.
“Crap, crap, crap!” I repeated, as if the word alone could boost my speed. I ran through the large grassy field known on the campus as the courtyard. It was the area that sat in the center of campus. Most club meetings went on in this large field as well as recreation activities not involved in sports. There was a long four directional sidewalk that cut through the grass, each leading to four of the primary learning facilities on campus: The Prince Building to the north, The Edwards Fine Arts Center to the East, the Smith Science Center to the West, and across the bridge over Turtle Pond, was the Wall Building to the South, which is where I needed to be! I cut across the sidewalk to get to the bridge. Turtle Pond was just in front of me! I could make it!

I turned around just in time to see a soccer ball flying in my direction at incredible speed. Luckily it wouldn’t hit me…based on the trajectory, it would end up in Turtle Pond. I watched it a second, and then instinct kicked in. I didn’t slow down in my sprint and I darted towards the bridge where the ball was headed and I jumped up. All four of my arms shot upwards to catch it. I kept one set bent a little to stop the ball from below while the other set would catch it directly. Airborne, I threw out my hands and I felt the sharp pain of the rubber ball smashing into my hands. I winced, but didn’t release my grip. All four of my hands tightened and gripped the rubber ball with all their muster and I landed, just next to the bridge, having saved the ball from passing over it. I stopped and stared at the ball in my hands, breathing heavily from the sudden adrenaline rush I’d just had; I didn’t even notice two young men run towards me.
“Wow, that was some catch!” One of them laughed. “How’d you do that?”
“I…used to play soccer with my dad.” I answere sheepishly.
“No kidding,” the other guy joked, taking the ball from my hands, “hey wait here a moment. I need to get someone.”
“I really don’t have time! I’m gonna be late for class!” I exclaimed, turning to run again.
“What time?”
“2:15!” I answered.
“But…it’s only 2:03.” The guy replied. “You have some time. Just wait a moment, okay?” After a few moments, I saw the other guy running back to me with another man, much older and wearing a teal and black collared shirt. He had a buzzed head and a thin face, but a concerned look was etched across it.
“What’s going on?” He asked.
“Coach, this is the girl! She caught that ball right out of the air like it was nothing.” The guy said excitedly. “Didn’t you say you were looking for more recruits for the womens soccer team?”
“Wait, what!?” I cried.
“Ugh…seems these two knuckle heads are hoping to get you into the womens team. I’m Coach Hogan, nice to meet you.” He held out his hand to me and I reached out with one of my right hands. As I did he suddenly took notice of my other three arms and his eyes widened in shock…I was getting used to that.
“I’m Jenna Corvus.” I replied.
“Trent and Allen here say that you caught that ball like a real keeper.” He continued, still staring at my arms. I felt the urge to hide them behind my back.
“Well yeah I mean…I used to practice with dad when I was younger.”
“Did you ever play soccer in high school?” He asked.
“No I…was homeschooled.” I blushed.
“Coach Hogan, she could still try out right? Don’t you need more-”
“Trent? Why don’t you and Allen go back to practicing so you DON’T send the ball into the pond next time?” Coach Hogan snapped.
“Yeah Trent, watch where you kick the ball, you idiot!” Allen laughed.
“If you’d just stopped it with your head, it wouldn’t have gone that far!”
“HUSTLE!” The Coach shouted, sending both boys off running. “Sorry about them. The men’s soccer coach is Coach Docking, but he’s out of town this week, so I’ve been overseeing both teams practices for now. But I’m the women’s soccer coach. Recently we had a few students drop out of the program and it would be awesome if we could get a helping hand? Interested in playing?” He asked. I blinked a few times, wondering if he might vanish into thin air if I did. Was this really happening!?
“Are…you serious!?” I asked.
“I am! I mean, I can’t garuntee you’ll get in…but I’d be more than willing to let you try it out. If you’re interested, come to the soccer stadium on Friday at 6:00 PM. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, reaching in and yanking out a small white card with his name and phone number on it. “This is my card. Let me know if there are any problems, alright?”
“I…I…um…thank you!” I squeaked, unsure what to say. “But…will I be able to play since I have…four arms?” I asked.
“Well, there’s no rule that I know of that says you can’t.” Coach Hogan winked before running back to Trent and Allen. “Have a good day, and hopefully see you Friday.” As he ran off I found myself just staring at the card in my hand feeling both light as a feather, and like my body was made of cement at the same time. I was so flattered and happy by his offer that I could barely contain myself from smiling. But I was also so terrified! This was so much more than I had bargained for or prepared for. Was I ready for this? Was this what I wanted? Could I afford to try this?
“What would Mom and Dad think?” I whispered. “Oh my gosh this is so exciting…and so…scary…and…” I suddenly remembered why I’d been running earlier. I took off running as fast as I could across the pond. I glanced at my watch to see it was 2:10. “Oh no! Oh no!” I burst through the door and turn the corner, running head long into a young woman with tan skin and dark hair.

I rubbed my head and looked at the girl in shock and pained confusion. The girl was on all fours, searching and digging through the scattered notebooks and binders.
“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” I asked. She nodded, but didn’t answer me. I held out my hand to help her up, but she ignored it and kept searching. After a moment, I decided it was best to just leave her and I began to walk away, when I saw something under the nearby bench by the window. I leaned down to pick it up. It was small and shaped like a tube. It had a weird set of lights on it, and one side felt soft to the touch. It felt cool and light in my hand. I didn’t know what to make of it, but it was really cool looking.
As I stared at it, I felt the girl from earlier tapping my shoulder. I turned and she pointed at the little tube in my hand and held out her hand pleadingly.
“Is this yours?” I asked. She just nodded and didn’t speak. I was getting a little irritated. “You know, you could just say ‘yes…’” I grumbled. “Here you go.” She took it from me and instantly pressed it to her throat and opened her mouth.
“Thank you so much!”
The voice that came out of her was shocking. It was soft and demure, but with an electronic edge to it, kind of like those synthesized singers I sometimes heard on Youtube videos. It was beautiful, and yet so unnatural.
“What on earth!?” I cried.
“Sorry, my name is Andrea. I didn’t say anything because I can’t. My vocal chords were damaged when I was little, so I speak with this synthesizer. Without it, no one can understand me.”
“It…it sounds like a computer girl or a…well…”
“My papa modeled the voice software to sound as close to normal as possible. It’s not perfect…I clearly sound robotic or something…like a vocaloid I guess. That’s why it sounds this way. He’s actually a professor here in computer engineering.” Andrea giggled, through her device. It was less strange now somehow…and she seemed so much nicer now that she had it. "Sorry, I just get so used to telling people about it, that I sometimes talk on auto-pilot. You know what I mean?"
“Well, I’m Jenna…and sorry for the misunderstanding.” I apologized.
“It is no problem. Nice to meet you Jenna. But I think we’re both running late. Where is your classroom?” She asked.
“Oh no! I’m uh…I think I’m room 118!” I cried. Andrea beamed and took my hand.
“I know the way. I’ll take you.” She pulled me along and for the first time since I’d been here, someone actually hadn’t said something about my arms. She had clearly seen them, but hadn’t said a word.
“Um…don’t you think I’m weird? You know…for having four arms?” I asked. Andrea laughed through her recorder and looked back at me with a smile.
“I think it’s cool…and I didn’t say anything because I thought you might be tired of people drawing attention to it. Believe me…I know how that feels.” I beamed back and followed her all the way to my room, silently thanking God for having me bump into two very special people; a coach who might be able to open up new opportunities, and a new friend who understood my position.
Helping Hands (Chapter 8)
So I went back and rewrote chapter 8...I like this version much better. I'm introducing a new and unique character, Andrea. I also wanted to build up to what will happen later in the story. I'd like to thank my brother for giving me the idea for making Jenna a soccer keeper. XD I had not considered such a genius idea until he suggested that. Hahaha!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy.

Please Enjoy!

Also, big thanks to :iconbunnychan21: for the beautiful picture.
Hidden behind the tree line, a mysterious woman was watching. She stared at the two warriors as they clashed…and a smile spread across her face as she observed. She’d never seen anything like it. The power exploding off of their bodies…the force of their strikes…their power may well rival the strongest of her homeland. And yet…she could also sense they were holding back…this wasn’t even the extent of their powers. She just beamed, imagining the possibilities. She anxiously waited for the fight to end so she could approach, but for now she’d wait and see the outcome. Her gaze traveled once or twice to the girl evacuating the civilians…the Spirit girl or something. She huffed. She might become a problem. It would be best to act without her present.
“Tomaki and Griff…show me your strength.” She whispered in anticipation.

I rebounded off the ground and launched myself at Griff, the force of my attack forcing him to stop and dodge me. I swung a kick at his head and he blocked, grabbing my ankle and throwing me over his shoulder. I caught myself and jumped back, planting my foot into his stomach. He grunted and struck me across the cheek, throwing me to the ground.
“What the hell?” Griff snarled. “Are you still holding back!?” I climbed to my feet and readied myself. Griff tapped his weird scouter and sneered. “300,000?” He asked. “This isn’t nearly what you’re capable of!”
“Sorry to disappoint you.” I didn’t tell him the real reason I was holding back. I couldn’t go super saiyan here in front of all these people…it would entice Griff to use more power…and both of us going at full power could end in disaster. As long as I held back just enough to keep him from using more than needed, I could buy time for Spirit to get back with reinforcements. Despite what Spirit had said…I had misgivings. I couldn’t bring myself to use my full power on Griff just yet. Griff looked incredibly frustrated and energy burst from his body like a fountain. I could feel his ki rising!
“So you insist on staying at such a low level? Fine. Let’s bump things up a little!” He charged at me and struck with all the force of a locomotive. I roared in pain as I struggled to hold him back. The very ground beneath us was breaking and shattering from our collision, and I knew he was pushing me back. I had no choice but to expend some more energy.
“AAAAAH!” I slammed my fist into his chest and he doubled back. I caught the content smirk on his face as he retreated a little.
“Much better!” Griff laughed. “Bring it on, Tomaki! Show me that power you used to kill Vokan!”
“I won’t NEED it to deal with you!” I snapped.
“Is that arrogance!?” Griff laughed happily. “GOOD! Now you’re starting to sound like a real Saiyan! NOW FIGHT ME LIKE ONE!” He ran at me and I sprinted towards him, our fists collided and we began speeding up the delivery. I threw up my seikuken and our strikes became a blur of movement that even I couldn’t follow. It was all instinctive. My body was responding to his movements. Each blow the threw, I blocked…but it was more than mere blocking. I used masters technique! Witch each successful counter, I fired a small burst of ki. To flow like the water and crush the rocks…it was just like the clay pots! Just like with that demon! Griff grimaced in pain as he felt the results of my techniques. He was slowing down! I saw my opening and moved in close. I grabbed both sides of his head in mands and used all my strength to leap up and shove my knee into his nose.
When my knee hit, I forced ki out of my pointed knee and I felt his head jerk backwards in agony as he was thrown clear from me. I realized it then….the one advantage I had over Griff. I had to sease the moment…take full advantage of it! I began firing a volley of ki blasts, all striking their mark. Griff shouted as he felt their burning fury leave their mark on him. I pulled back my hands and gathered all my ki between my palms.
“And now KAAAAMEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” The roaring burst of energy bolted towards Griff and exploded against him, causing a large cloud of dust and debry to fly up around him, shrouding Griff from my sight. I was breathing heavily, but smiling all the same. I’d discovered the single edge I had…the one thing I had over Griff! As powerful as he was, I’d trained my whole life in various martial arts and techniques to counter raw power. If Griff was no more than a power fighter, my techniques could trump his power! I could win this…I just had to keep outwitting him through technique and not power. “Give up?” I called.

“HAHAHAHA! PERFECTLY DONE, TOMAKI!” His voice wasn’t pained or fearful…it was excited. It was…happy. I watched as Griff flew out of the cloud of smoke like a rocket and soared into the air, both of his hands glowing with vicious energy. “I gotta admit, you’re doing better than the common lower class warriors of our race.”
“H-how!?” I snapped. “I put everything into that attack!’
“Don’t insult me, weakling.” Griff scoffed. “Weaklings are forever weak. It’s what separates the elites from the lower class.” He flew up higher and began building up his energy.
“You keep going on about elites and lower class…I don’t understand! Why should that matter?” I demanded. I had to keep him busy…keep him talking.
“Don’t be a fool.” Griff laughed. “When we are born, our place is set in stone. The elite shall always remain the elite, and the lower class shall always remain in their place. From birth, I was chosen to lead the armies of our race. You? You were discarded to some forgotten planet with the simple mission of conquering it…and you couldn’t even succeed at that. I admit, your power is greater than the common trash I encounter…but a weakling, no matter what tricks they pick up, will forever remain a weakling.”
“Man…if you think that, then you’re dumber than I thought.” I sneered. Griff just smirked in disdain.
“If you want to prove me wrong, then show me. Put me in my place. By all means…release your full power and show me that you aren’t just a lower class warrior! SHOW ME YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT!” I backed up a few paces, glaring up at him, all the while feeling the fear of my situation sinking in. What WAS Griff!? Just how strong was he!? I’d thrown so much at him and he seemed unfazed. Had he been holding back too? I couldn’t keep this up long…not without super saiyan. I had to wait for help to come…or this fight would end in death for one of us…and that was the most terrifying aspect I could think of.
“Ready to step things up a notch?” Griff asked, raising his hand and throwing the energy he’d been building up at me. I lept into the air and began flying up towards him.
“If you’re really such a super elite, then why fight me at all!? Why kill me, if I’m so pathetic to you!?” I swung my punch and he grabbed my wrist as easily as plucking a grape from a vine and he squeezed until my bones began to creak. He just sneered at me and laughed.
“What difference does it make? My power gives me the right to live as I please. If I choose to fight, then I will. If I choose to conquer, then I will. If I choose to crush a weakling like you under my boot…….then I’ll listen to your whole world shatter like glass.”

I flew backwards and began firing ki blasts rapidly. He dodged them as if jus stepping out of the way of slow moving child punches. He moved in close and punched me three times in less than a second, each strike hitting my chest. I coughed and cried out as I was thrown away from him. I caught myself in midair and rocketed back up towards him. I began striking and kicking with all my power, but Griff merely brushed them off, smirking the whole time. Why was I so slow all of a sudden? It felt like Griff was just playing around now!
“Seems you haven’t figured it out.” Griff laughed. He kicked me hard in the hip and I had to keep myself from falling out of the sky. He grabbed me by the collar and spun me around and around like a wind mill, tossing me towards the earth at incredible speed. I saved myself before I hit the ground, but looked up just in time to see a massive ki blast just above me. I threw up my arms to block it, and I felt the energy burn my fingers and palms. I screamed in pain as it exploded and sent me crashing into the lake. I swam back up and took to the sky again, my hands burnt and shaking from the impact.
“Your power level plummeted the minute you got airborne.” Griff scoffed. “You dropped from an admirable 550,000 to a disgusting 120,000.”
“That supposed to mean something?” I asked.
“It should. A true Saiyan should be fully capable of battle at any altitude or environment. You are clearly inexperienced in at air combat…which means you can’t defeat me, Tomaki. No matter what secret powers you may possess….if you can’t challenge me in the air, you might as well roll over and die.” Griff shot down towards me and I swerved out of his way, hoping to see him slam to the earth. Instead he pulled out of his dive with ease and began flying right for me. I blocked his first several attacks, but his strikes were getting through. It was hard to keep my seikuken up while he was on the attack. It was relentless. Any response or counter attack I tried he’d toss aside. I fought with everything I had…I held nothing back…but he was just too good. He was faster, stronger, and more agile…especially while in the air like this.
“AAAAAAH!” He brought down both fists on my head and I plummeted to the earth, hitting the ground hard. I groaned and looked up at him in disgust and in anger. He drifted down towards me and landed at my feet, smiling in a cocky way that made me want to puke.
“It seems you simply refuse to use that power….or maybe my scouter was merely gliching.” Griff sighed. “I’m rather disappointed…but it can’t be helped. I’ll end your life…and move on to the next town. Or who knows…I might just try and kill that Patroller and win over your little fiery friend from earlier.”

“You’re pretty delusional then, huh!?”
Griff suddenly looked up in time to see Spirit fly at him with insane speed. Her fiery fist missing his cheek by mere inches. He jumped back, but Spirit was already on top of him, pounding him with her burning blows. Griff snarled in pain as her fire seared his skin and forced him back into the air.
“Damned bitch!” He shouted. “Didn’t you hear my warning? Guess I’ll just irradicate you along with everyone else in this park!”
“Well that’ll be a bit hard.” Spirit smirked back. “There’s no one here now.” Griff and I both looked around to see that she was right. Spirit had successfully cleared the park! There was no one in the vicinity for Griff to harm. Griff sneered in outrage and began building energy in his hand to throw at us.
“Fine…then what say I send you both out with a bang?”
Griff spun around to see the heavily armored Corvus leap up at him, his fist pulled back and a strange glowing green energy swallowing his metal arm. Griff’s face contorted in shock as Corvus struck him hard, causing a small explosion and launching Griff backwards and higher into the air.
“Corvus!?” I cried.
“Spirit came to get me…she said you were engaged in combat with Griff, and I came to help. The three of us should be able to handle him.” Corvus announced, drawing a long steel blue saber from his back and holding it like a sword. “Are you with me?”
“Thanks…I appreciate it guys.” I grumbled, climbing back to my feet. Griff was turning red with anger and he suddenly roared in a mad fury, the very air seeming to vibrate with his anger.
“YOU COWARDLY DOG!” He screamed. “You dare insult me like this, I a Saiyan elite!?”
“Someone’s pretty pissed…” Spirit laughed.
“It’s his pride.” Corvus explained. “By allowing us to aid him, Tomaki’s admitted he can’t fight Griff alone, which is a cowardly act among Saiyans. It’s insulting to the highest level.” Griff was breathing heavily, his teeth bared, however he was already turning to fly away.
“Relish your cowardly tactic, Tomaki, for it will be the last you get to invoke. In two days time, I will return and level this entire city! The time for honor and duels between Saiyans is past. There will be no mercy…no relenting. You had your chance to die with honor…and now you will die in misery! I want you to watch Tomaki as I burn your precious city to dust!”
“WHAT!? STOP!” I shouted. But it was too late. Griff was already flying away at break neck speed…likely to go and rest before returning and destroying Shan City.
“Why’d he run?” Spirit asked. “And more importantly, why’d we let him?”
“None of us have the speed to keep up with Griff, and even if one of us did, neither of us have the power to fight him one on one…best to let him go. When he returns, we’ll work together to take him down.” Corvus answered. “A small ship from the Patrol should be arriving tomorrow. We can use their assistance and capture Griff once and for all.” But I wasn’t really listening, I was watching Griff fly away…my body shaking in fear at his threat.
“Two days….in two days…he’ll be back to destroy it all.”
“Tomaki, we can stop him.” Spirit assured me. “We’re here to back you up.”
“…I hope it’s enough, Spirit…”
“Why?” Corvus asked.
“The whole time we were fighting…I could feel it….Griff was STILL holding something back.” I whispered. “In two days…he’s going to kill everyone he sees….”
“Not if we can stop him.” Corvus shouted. “Come…we have to prepare.”
“You guys go ahead…I need to rest.” I replied. Spirit and Corvus both nodded and ran off in their own directions to prepare for Griff’s return…I meanwhile just sat down in the grass and breathed, finally resting my body.

“That was truly incredible.” I looked up to see a woman walking towards me. She was tall and attractive with dark tan skin and long brown hair. She wore a rather revealing set of clothing, but she stood with a frame of pride and power. Her eyes were a piercing gold…and there was something ominous about her…a strange power resonated from her…like nothing I’d felt before.
“Who’re you?” I asked.
“My name is Antoinette Janvier.” The woman replied with a bow. “You’re the Saiyan, Tomaki…correct?”
“Yes…how did you know that?”
“I was watching your battle. You were more than exceptionally strong…you’re nothing short of amazing.” I felt myself blushing a little, but composed myself.
“What can I do for you?” I asked.
“I have a proposition for you.” She smiled. The smile was sweet…but I sensed something there…a wickedness…a cold and bitter sneer hid behind those lips. “I’d like you to help me in a little mission I’m about to partake in…a job as it were.”
“What kind of job?” I asked, only partcially interested.
“Well I am still working out the details…but someone of your incredible power? Someone as fierce as you? We’d make a great team. In exchange, I’d be willing to help you with your fight against Griff.” I glanced up at her in surprise and stared. She was sincere…but what could she offer?
“How so?”
“Hehehe…my dear Tomaki…I’m capable of many things.” She knelt down and held out her hand to me. “All you have to do is trust me…and I can make sure you never lose. Do we have a deal? I’ll help you defeat Griff, and in return…you help me with a little plan I have going. What do you say?”
“Why not go to Griff instead?” I asked. “He’s clearly the stronger…”
“You and I both know that there’s more to you than meets the eye.” She winked. My eyes narrowed at her compliment. Just how much did she know exactly? This woman made me uneasy…and yet…she might be my best shot. If she could really help me save my city…should I take the risk?
“…I need to think about it.”
“From what Griff said, you don’t have much time.” She sighed. “But very well…take your time…but be warned, Tomaki. I will not extend this olive branch a second time. And refusing my aid…could be costly.” There was just enough of a sneer there that I felt a threat behind her tongue. I stood again and began building my ki.
“I suggest you leave…now.” I ordered. “If I change my mind, I’ll find you.” She just grinned at me wickedly and sauntered off.
“My my…I think you’ve already made up your mind about little old me….fine. Adieu Tomaki…adieu.” With that she vanished into the tree line and I fell back in the grass, exhausted and more worried than before.
“Antoinette….just what is that woman?” I muttered. Silently in the back of my mind…I knew I hadn’t seen the last of her. I also felt a burning sensation that she might be just as dangerous as Griff…if not more so. “What the hell is going on?”
The Tale of Tomaki (Chapter 35)
Bet ya'll thought that was the end of Griff's involvement right? You thought wrong. Griff is coming back one more time to finish what he started...and Tomaki better be ready, otherwise everything he's fought to protect will be destroyed. But who is the mysterious Antoinette who has appeared offering her help to Tomaki? What's her end goal? Is she a new threat? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!
A big thank you to Hannah and my brother for helping me work through this chapter and figure out the course I wanted to take.

Griff belongs to :iconsubtleroar:
Spirit belongs to :icontheburningspirit: or :iconodetteskuramitsu:
Corvus belongs to :iconpostcommodore:
Antoinette belongs to :iconheuring:
Tomaki belongs to me!

Also, as a side note, I want to give a special thanks to :iconvaalkaaren: and :iconheuring: for baring with me and giving me some motivation to get back to writing. ^^ I owe her, and Hannah both...big time!
Spirit sat on the roof of the grocery store on the Eastern side of Shan City. She was watching…listening…searching for any sign of danger. Since arriving in Shan City there had been no shortage of issues to deal with. Mutants popped up like weeds and she was more than ready to trim them. While perhaps not demons, they still provided for some degree of practice…but something still felt off. For a while, she’d felt the presence of something far more sinister growing. Something worse than the Poachers…or even Griff. Something dark was on the horizon, and she knew that this town, and likely Tomaki would be at the center.
“Spirit?” Spirit turned around to see Melody standing not far away. She’d clearly climbed to the roof to meet her.
“What’re you doing here, song bird? Shouldn’t you be at some concert or something?” Spirit asked.
“…I need your help.”
“Pass.” Spirit replied. “I’m only staying because I owe Tomaki for helping me with the demon…I’m not doing anymore favors.”
“It’s ABOUT Tomaki.” Melody snapped. Spirit finally turned around to look at Melody. The sun was setting in that direction and the orange glow caught her yellow hair…and also caught a faint residue on her cheeks. The sign of tears shed.
“You been crying?” Spirit asked.
“Tomaki…is suffering.” She whispered. “Ever since Victoria went in to the hospital…he’s not the same. He doesn’t train with the same intensity like he used to. He constantly checks on Victoria. He is afraid to fight mutants or criminals anymore…he’s…”
“He killed Vokan.” Spirit replied. “He’s never killed before, and he’s dealing with that decision. He’ll come around. Don’t worry about the Saiyan. He’s a lot of things, but he’s not a weakling.”
“Can’t we help him somehow?”
“And do what? Hell, why’re you even asking me?”
“Because Corvus isn’t around and….and I feel like you’d understand this kind of thing.” Melody admitted. Spirit sighed and rubbed her forehead.
“I do understand. And that’s why I’m telling you to have a little faith in the kid.” Spirit urged. “When shit hits the fan, he’ll come through. I have no doubt.” Melody finally nodded, sensing the conversation was over and started to walk away. After a few steps she stopped and turned to Spirit again, who had turned back to stare at the town. To the west.
“Spirit…you always play the cool, strong, silent hero…is that who you really are?” She asked. Spirit didn’t answer her and just maintained her thousand yard stare. Melody sighed and kept on walking. When she was far enough away, Spirit reached up and clutched the small cross necklace she wore around her neck and squeezed it, grimacing as painful memories of her own filled her thoughts.
“I’m not a hero…” she whispered “…I’m not…”

I followed Spirit out into the middle of Yanzabit Park. The park was popular and located between Shan City and Xi City. I glanced around at the large pond where old men and their grandchildren were fishing. A bridge crossed the pond, where families fed ducks swimming by. A playground was further up the park, and a barrier of pine trees surrounded the fields of waving and beautiful grass. Clouds rolled overhead, threatening rain later that day. As Spirit walked a head of me, she said little but merely stated it was vital. When we got to the center of the flowing grass and there was no one around within a good 100 meters, Spirit turned to face me once more.
“Alright Tomaki…let’s fight.” She announced. I blinked at her and raised an eyebrow.
“Fight you? Why? There’s no point.”
“Sure there is.” She argued. I wanna see how strong you are, and I wanna make myself stronger too. Don’t worry, it’s just sparring. Now let’s go! She ran at me and thrust her fist forward. I dodged it easily. She shot another punch at my stomach. I brushed it aside, but refused to raise my own fist. My every instinct ordered me to fight back! She had at least 2 different openings I could take advantage of! But I repressed those instincts. I forced them down and stuck to dodging. I couldn’t afford to use my full power…I couldn’t risk losing control again. She threw a kick and I just jumped back. She stopped a moment and she gritted her teeth.
“You son of a bitch…” She hissed. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m avoiding and dodging.”
“I can see that! Why aren’t you fighting back?” She asked.
“…Because I can’t risk losing control again and hurting you.” I confessed. I suddenly felt the burning pain of hot fire strike me hard in the chest as she slammed her burning foot against me in a flying kick.
“THEN JUST DIE ALREADY!” Spirit roared. I coughed and rolled away, and looked up just in time to see her dive bombing me. I lept out of her reach as she struck the ground, her fire leaping off her. The look of rage on her face was terrifying.
“What’s wrong!?” I cried.
“I should be asking you that!” Spirit roared, continuing her attack, ruthlessly striking and attempting to hit…each blow aimed for a vital point. I swerved and blocked as best as I could, feeling the heat of her flames with each blow. “What happened to the Saiyan I met that day!? The one who helped me kill a demon threatening his town!? What happened to the friend I made in battle!?”
“I’m still me!”
“No. The Tomaki I befriended was a warrior and a protector. You? You’re a COWARD! You fear your own shadow!” Spirit snapped, her knuckles crashing into my cheek and sending me spiraling through the air. My instinct kicked in and I shot a ki blast back at her. She jumped away and threw a fireball at me to counter it. The two forces collided and I took the moment to recover and land in the grass.
“Spirit, you don’t understand.” I replied. “I swore I’d never kill…I’d never become like the Saiyans are! I’d fight to protect people…and I let my rage get the better of me. If I can’t keep my rage in check, I’ll hurt innocent people. I’ll kill someone close to me!”
“So what? You think the answer is to never fight again!?” Spirit snarled, building up her fire again. “Well certainly, no one will die by your hand again…they’ll die at the hands of those you chose not to fight! Then that blood will be on your hands because of your cowardice!”
“I’m NOT a coward!”
“Then FIGHT ME! DEFEND YOURSELF, TOMAKI!” She cried, charging me again. I built up my ki and ran at her, ready to fight back. I pulled back my fist and prepared to strike her down.

“AAH!” I froze up and stopped. I felt the weight of her kick hit me dead in the stomach and I rocketed across the grass, crashing into the water and groaning in pain from the fierce burn in my abs. Spirit walked to the edge of the water and crossed her arms.
“You’re pathetic…” She snarled. “To think I respected you…”
“I’m sorry Spirit…I just…” I couldn’t account for it. I wanted to tell her the truth. I wanted to explain. But the more I said it, the more even I couldn’t understand it. I was afraid of the power that I had. I was afraid of who I could hurt. I was afraid that I’d become Griff.
“Tomaki, I’ve killed before.” Spirit argued. “It’s not an easy thing to do, and the fact you feel the way you do is a sign you still have your morals. That’s good, Tomaki! It is. But refusing to fight out of fear is foolish and dangerous! You told me you protect Shan City. How will you protect it from enemies like Griff or the mutants if you won’t even try to fight them!?” Spirit argued. She grabbed me by the shirt collar and yanked me out of the water with surprising strength. There was anger in her eyes…but also concern.
“As much as you might want to deny it Tomaki, you’re a Saiyan! We can’t change what we are…no matter how much we might want to. But you’re more than a Saiyan! You’re a hero, Tomaki. To this town, you’re a hero and a protector! And I admired that about you.” She roared in my face. “And if you’re not willing to protect it and give your all for it…then WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE HELPING YOU!?” I felt tears build behind my eyes. I shook my head and leaned my head forward.
“You’re right….but….how can I take back what I did?”
“You can’t!” Spirit barked. “You can’t change what you did. But you have the chance to make a difference! Give back to the town and to the people you care about! You’ll never do that feeling sorry for yourself! Victoria and Melody…they want you back…and so do I!” She tossed me away from her and pulled back her fist.
“Now I’m going to fight you again…and if there’s even a shred of a warrior left in you, you’ll fight back. If not…then stand there, take the hit, and stop wasting my goddamn time! Show me what you are, Tomaki…a hero or a coward.” Her fist came at me fast…incredibly fast. It was like watching a bullet leave a gun. The only way I could see it was from the blue flames leaping off her knuckles. I saw it....and then I felt that urge. The urge to fight. The urge to push back. That instinctive thrill I got every time I fought…I began to repress it…to stop myself from giving in to it.

“As much as you might want to deny it…YOU’RE A SAIYAN!....Victoria and Melody, they want you back…and so do I!”

“AAAAARGGH!” My hand flew up and knocked her punch aside and my other fist fired a shot back. She saw it and ducked out of the way, sending another punch my way. I blocked and parried. She dodged and kicked. We began a wild exchange of furious blows and strikes….and I was smiling. I’d forgotten the thrill! The fun! The intensity that came from fighting! I let it out again and I felt a smile slip across my face! Spirit, through gritted teeth, was grinning too. I finally caught her in the chin and she stumbled back, rubbing it.
“…Now THAT’s better.” She laughed. “Welcome back, Tomaki.”
“...Was I really so far gone?” I asked.
“Not anymore.” Spirit said with a large grin. “Now ready to start over and spar again?” Before I answered and I crossed my arms and looked at her through curious eyes. The rain clouds were rolling closer, but I needed to know something.
“Spirit…why did you do all this?” I asked. “Why go to so much trouble to snap me out of my stupor?” Spirit brushed her hair aside and lowered her head again to hide her gaze. Her hand drifted up to the cross around her neck and she frowned.
“I’m not a hero, Tomaki.” She explained. “Someone very close to me once said that I was, but I let that person die…and I don’t see how I could ever call myself one after that. But you? When I met you, there was no question…you’re a hero to this town and it’s citizens…including me. But the way you were acting…how you were losing yourself…it’s exactly how I was. I couldn’t watch you do that to yourself.” She let go of the cross and I walked towards her. I reached out and I put a hand on her shoulder.
“I think there is a hero in you, Spirit…you just don’t realize it yet.” I smiled. She shot me a look that she meant as a glare…but there was sadness behind her eyes.
“No…I’m just a demon hunter.”
“For now, maybe…but if that was all you were…you wouldn’t be here now trying to help me.” I smirked. She laughed and shook her head.
“Don’t make me regret it, jerk.”
“Thanks, Spirit.” I said softly. Spirit nodded her head in her own way of saying ‘you’re welcome.’ “If you still want to spar…I’m game.”

“I’m afraid she’ll have to get in line.”

Spirit and I spun around, seeing that despicable figure walk towards us down the pathway. His scouter, latched over his eye was blinking as it scanned us. His armor looked dirty, like he’d been fighting a lot…and causing a great deal of damage, but despite it all, the same smirk was still painted across the Saiyan’s face.
“Griff!” I hissed. “What’re you doing here?” Spirit’s fists burst into flames as she readied herself to fight. Griff took notice and gave a whistle.
“Damn girl…you’re on fire. Wanna turn up the heat a little? Maybe you and me later?”
“One more word, and there won’t even be ASHES left of you.” Spirit snarled. Griff shrugged and chuckled.
“Playing hard to get?” He asked. “That’s fine, cutie. Sadly you’re not the one I’m here for.”
“Me? What do you want with me?” I asked.
“The other day, a power level higher than anything I’d ever seen before appeared on my scouter. It was easily over 1,000,000 or more. I came here trying to see what it was…and then what do I find but the Galactic Patrol loading up Vokan’s body in a ship! The way he looked….he was a real mess. Did you turn his insides to jelly or something?”
“…” I didn’t speak. I just bit my lip, wondering how much Griff had seen and how much he knew.
“So I do some snooping and find out that it was YOU that killed Vokan. Now Vokan’s power level is pretty damn high…so it stands to reason you’re the one who gave off that massive power I felt. That leaves only two explinations. Either you’ve been holding back with me this whole time…or you discovered some way to power up beyond your normal potential. Either way…I want to see it. I want to experience that full power you have!”
“Tomaki?” Spirit looked to me, questioningly. “Are you sure you can handle him alone?”
“He’d better.” Griff interrupted. “As much as I’d love a dance with you, sweetie, this is a fight between Saiyans. If you get involved…well I’ll simply assume EVERYONE in this park is involved.” I felt my heart stop cold as I glanced around. While the citizens were giving us a wide birth, there were still several within 100 meters who were watching. If Griff involved them…there’d be casualties! A lot of them.
“You son of a bitch!” I sneered.
“Just fight me man to man, and I won’t involve anyone else.” Griff agreed. I glared at him angrily, and then looked to Spirit.
“Spirit…get everyone out of here as fast as you can, then go get Corvus.” I instructed.
“Are you sure you can handle this?” She asked.
“If you’d asked me earlier…no. But now?” I gave her a quick and encouraging grin, “I’ll be fine, thanks to your little pep talk.” Spirit just scolded and then sprinted towards the crowds to evacuate them.
“Be careful!” She called back.
“Pfft,” Griff scoffed, “so adorable. Now we gonna fight? C’mon Tomaki…show me that power you’re holding back. NOW!”
The Tale of Tomaki (Chapter 34)
So here's the next chapter of Tomaki's story. In this chapter Spirit comes to help bring Tomaki out of his depression as we learn a little more about her and also see a bit more of a dive into how she sees Tomaki. Tomaki's been pretty out of sorts since he killed Vokan and put Victoria at risk. Now he's trying to regain who he was, and Spirit sparing with him might help do that, but no chance of this going slowly or easily when Griff arrives once more, interested to find out why he felt such a huge power level from Tomaki a few days ago.

A big thank you to Hannah for the picture!

Spirit belongs to :icontheburningspirit: or :iconodetteskuramitsu:
Griff belongs to :iconsubtleroar:
Melody and Tomaki belong to me

Please Enjoy!

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